Incredible Corporate Office Plants For Add A Lively Touch To Your Desk


You can be spending a major portion of your life in the office. So, making some changes in this place will bring you a great work experience that keeps you energetic. Keeping the incredible Corporate Office Plants on your desk will add a lively touch to the place. You can get the foliage in any size based on your desire. It will suit perfectly in the empty areas like windows, tables or other spots. It will help to transform your atmosphere into a more engaging peaceful and tranquil zone. According to your desk style, you can prefer greenery such as cactus, pathos, lucky bamboo, etc. Here are some wonderful office plants that you can keep on your work desk that boost creativity.

Snake Plant 

Snake plant is one of the toughest office plants that will suit any area. It won’t require more water and ample sunlight to grow well. It can be watered only two or three weeks once and it is enough for its better growth. Ensure to check if the soul is completely dry before watering the foliage. It will provide more visual stimuli to your working area that changes the mind to be energetic. This would also last for a month without water and be fully exposed to the sun for longer.

Devil’s Ivy 

The devil’s ivy is also known as the pathos plant which looks lush with heart-shaped leaves. It has a large leaf which comes with different colors such as light and dark. It will be suited well in the office condition that makes it the ideal choice to keep on your work table, or shelf. This lovely addition looks great in a big vase on the floor. As it is easy to care for, you can be stress-free and focused on work. 

Peace Lily 

The peace lily is the best addition to your workspace that looks stunning with attractive white flowers. It has the air-purifying advantage that will give a big impact on the office. As it removes the toxins in the air, everyone can breathe the fresh oxygen that boosts creativity. You have to keep it out of direct, bright sunlight, but ensure to locate it in the well-lit area. Spritz the leaves on occasion especially in summer, and water them once a week. 

Jade Plant 

Jade plants need only medium-light for some hours each day, so you keep it on anywhere in the Office Plants Melbourne. Be sure to water the plant once the water is completely dry. And you can check it by dipping a finger or stick to know if the surface is wet or not. 

ZZ Plant – corporate office plants

Zamioculcas Zamifolia is known as the ZZ plant, which will look good on your work desk. It can tolerate low light and can grow with little water. It is native to Africa and does well with the fluorescent bulb as its only light source. This factor makes it the perfect choice to grow in the workplace with little maintenance. It has impressive laddered leaves, which will add a pleasing addition to the work atmosphere. This is the ideal choice for people who are first-time plant parents. 

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow with the more bright light as an only source. If a table is located near the sunny window, then keep it on there and forget about its maintenance. This foliage will only require watering each couple of weeks. It has eye-catching standards that suit modern office space. Grow this greenery in a sandy cactus mix soil to ensure the best drainage aloe-vera needs. You can remove its leaves to treat the bruises, burns, and sores as it will give an effective result. 


The philodendron will suit any kind of light conditions in the workspace. It has glossy green leaves that add a welcoming addition to the environment and it will be often kept on the hanging basket. Choose the contrasting planter to heighten the appearance of your office immensely. It has heart-shaped leaves that never fail to treat the eyes with cool green color. 

Rex Begonia 

The rex begonia is a marvelous addition to your office desk as it is available with various impressive patterns. It comes in shades including purple, red, silver, and green. It has diverse leaf textures that make it the best choice to place on any corner in your workspace. But be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight for better growth. 

Final Verdicts 

If you are still wondering about which corporate office plants to keep on your desk, Contact Us at Foliage indoor plant hire. We have an expert team, so they help you to design the workspace with the best horticultural skill. We also provide you with the best installation and maintenance services that make your work easy. Our plants have the high possible standards that would be an attractive addition to your office. 

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