How Is House Reblocking Essential To Enhance The Value Of Your Home?


If you have a wooden house, its timber should have a specific lifetime. Therefore, the timber starts rotting after a certain time, and so is your house. In such a case, the best way for you is to replace the defective and damaged timber. This process is known to be house reblocking.

Various reasons for which your wooden house may get weakened or sink. A few common reasons are the soil’s dampness, soil movement, etc. The weakening or sinking of the stumps may lead to severe other concerns like wall cracks, structural collapse, etc. House reblocking is also known as house restumping. When a house or home becomes old, this is an important treatment or procedure to consider in order to keep your home in good shape.

How To Know Whether Or Not Your House Needs Reblocking?

The house reblocking is considered to be quite beneficial. There are obvious indications through which you will get to know whether your house needs reblocking or not. A few of such indications are described below. Once you encounter any of these issues, you will know that your house needs the reblocking treatment.

  • Wall cracks: Wall cracks are known to be the first and foremost indication that your house needs a complete revamp in the form of house reblocking.
  • Light feeling on the floors: Porous and light feel on the floors is also considered a signal indicating possible stumps rotting. In such conditions, reblocking or restumping is considered the best option.
  • Creaks on floors: If you find creaks on your house floors, the floors are not leveled anymore. It thus indicates damaged and defective timber stumps that need immediate attention.

Once you find any of these issues or indications, you are supposed to address the issue. In this regard, the house reblocking is the only and best option that you are supposed to consider with all seriousness.

The Benefits Of House Reblocking Treatment

Once you decide to go for house reblocking treatment, you are supposed to benefit in many ways. If this process is done professionally and professionally, it will enhance the value and significance of your home to the fullest. Read on to know some of the ultimate benefits of reblocking.

  • Getting Rid Of Cracks And Weakened Foundation

The presence of cracks and weakened foundations makes your house quite vulnerable. But once you go house reblocking, you will eliminate the cracks and weakened foundation. Your house thus does not have any weak stumps now. The reblocking process is to effectively replace stumps and prevent further cack. As a result, your house will retain its lost health and hygiene. You will again feel confident living in the house with your family.

  • Renewed And Renovated Home

What better will it be than getting your old home renewed and renovated through reblocking? The weakened and damaged stumps get perfectly replaced due to the reblocking process in the best way. This new change and alteration to your house make it strong and durable. Therefore, it highly helps in increasing the longevity of the house. So, mental peace is also restored by it.

  • Revived Strength And Foundation

If your house is old, it is important to ensure its strength and foundation if you want it to last long. In such a case, reblocking your house is like renovating it inside out. The newly found strength and foundation will make your house very durable. The safety and security of your house are also increased to the fullest. You will feel safe and secure inside the house while with your family.

  • Low Maintenance

As you decide to go for house reblocking, it makes your house renovated and revamped in the best way possible. As a result, the maintenance of your house becomes low. It is because old houses require more maintenance than revamped and renovated houses. Thus, you can understand how it is going to be beneficial for you. Hence, you certainly have all the good reasons to go for this option.


Before you opt for this, do some extensive research from your end to know about it more. The more you explore this procedure, the better it will be for you. You can also decide to talk with the experts.

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