How Can You Maintain Your Garden Pebbles Melbourne


Garden Pebbles might be an excellent choice for some parts of your outdoor space. They look great and are typically simple to care for. To keep your place looking clean, you must understand how to manage a gravel garden.

Gravel gardens are frequently selected as an alternative to typical grass gardens since they require little maintenance all year. Gravel is also low-maintenance, making it an appealing feature for homeowners. It is not difficult to keep your gravel yard in good shape. Furthermore, you simply need to water the plants, and weeds are less prevalent, so you may retire the old lawnmower! Here are some of the best and simple tips to maintain a healthy Garden Pebbles Melbourne.

Regularly rake:

Dirt, dead leaves, and other debris will most likely accumulate on your gravel. You may quickly end up with a pile of dirt in your yard if you leave it neglected. This doesn’t add anything to the visual attractiveness of your property. Clear the debris from the gravel with a rake and dispose of it properly. A metal rake performs better than a plastic rake. If you have fine gravel, choose a rake with narrow, closely spaced tines. Use a rake with larger tines spaced far apart for heavy gravel. Rake your gravel regularly to level out the surface and make it seem nicer.

Keep The Weeds In Control:

Weed barrier cloth is an excellent choice. It is a porous substance that may be used in gravel gardens to keep weeds from growing through the stone chippings. It will also shield your gravel from the dirt underneath, keeping it cleaner for longer. If you have patches of plants in your gravel garden, just clip holes in the weed cloth with scissors. The material is soft enough to allow for this. Weed barrier cloth may be readily placed on top of the gravel. If weed barrier cloth is not an option, a weed killer can be used to control any weeds or grass that develop in the gravel garden. There are several weed killers available, including organic ones that efficiently eliminate undesirable weeds and grass.

Gaps Between Garden Pebbles Melbourne:

These may occur from time to time in your gravel yard. They tend to detract from the attractiveness of the gravel. Fill the holes with sand, then cover with gravel. The area can then be evened out using a trowel. Use gravel with sharp edges to help it stick to the sand. Gravel with rounded edges will not hold. It’s helpful to have some extra gravel about the house since it comes in useful during certain maintenance operations. Filling up holes with dirt increases the collection of water.

For a quick dry clean, use a leaf blower:

If you’re lucky, your gravel garden will be free of trees. However, it is nearly impossible to prevent leaves from falling on your graveled area during the autumn months. It is critical to remove leaves as soon as possible since they might discolor lighter gravels.

Picking up each leaf by hand may be a lengthy and laborious process, so we recommend investing in a leaf blower. These are fast and effective at clearing away any leaves or debris that may have gotten into your garden.


Once a year, add some new gravel to your gravel site to help it stay in good shape. This should be done either in the spring or in the fall. Before pouring gravel, fill any holes with sand to give a solid base. In the center of the yard, top the gravel with one inch. This minimizes water buildup and promotes adequate drainage.

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