Best Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees in 2020


Diwali is the festival of colors, lights and is all about sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and corporate associations. However, spreading a sweet bond among people is one of the integral aspects of this celebration where the whole family and dear ones come together Diwali puja forgetting all their past problems. In the same manner, gifting is another important aspect of this season where people take part in excitedly. And corporate gifting is important where one can promote harmony and unity among the members in the office. Besides, it’s one of the best ways to show appreciation towards the employees and co-workers who have remained loyal throughout. Further, check out these corporate gifting ideas for employees in 2020.

Diwali gift hampers

What could be more interesting than gifting your corporate buddies an amazing collection of gift hamper? You can get different kinds of hampers on this festival – containing organic delights, favorite teas, or delectable goodies. For better choice and discounts, check with online stores or good commercial stores in your vicinity.

Homemade chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates! So, it’s best to hand them an assorted box of homemade chocolates. It contains a variant list of chocolates starting from dark chocolates to nut bars, milk chocolates, and many unique creations for your employees. Besides, these bars are preservative-free and even good for health.

Electronic gadgets

Today, the market is flooded with all kinds of super electric gadgets. Thus, you have a variety of options to choose from ranging from smartwatches and phones to cameras, portable DVD players, mp4 players, and many other options.

Home décor

Giving home décor is another great idea. You can get an elegant showpiece, idol, handmade pen stand, dream catcher, wall hangings. Look for these amazing decors online or you can also walk at your nearest shopping center. However, giving a silver coin or idol is always considered auspicious on this special occasion.

Cash in hand or bonus

Diwali is celebrated with Laxmi Puja and thus is associated with money, prosperity, and well-being. You can send some bonus cheques to your employees and it’s a great way to ring this celebration.

Desk essentials combo

Well, this is a rare idea and a good one too. Even, if you have spent a huge amount of time in the workplace. Likewise, getting new elegant looking office essentials will increase the vibe of your workplace. Essentials can include any of these items like professional notebooks, digital organizers, engraved metal pens, or pen stand. You can compile all these office items and present them in a gift basket.

Household essentials

This is a common corporate gift item on Diwali. To spice it up you can give your employees a piece a modern kitchen gadget like a hand blender, coffee machine, toaster, air fryer, etc. These kinds of gifts are generally considered auspicious during Diwali and usher goodwill to the user.

Aromatic candle set

Try these scented, colorful set of candles and make great gifts for your office staff. Besides, they are therapeutic and helps in relieving stress.

To sum up

Diwali is a great festival celebrated every year in the month of autumn by millions of people. Share these gifts with your employees and make your professional relationships stronger.

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