4 Ways You Can Ensure Your Spa Is Well-Prepared In Time For Summer Rush


Summer is around the corner and when the days get longer and warmer, people find themselves flocking to their nearest spas to spend some quality time getting a massage or laying out in the pool. If you own a spa, the onset of summer should be your sign to prepare for the oncoming summer rush and be well prepared to handle this busy season. Given below are five things you can do to ensure that your spa is well-prepared to receive the summer rush: 

1. Check your hot tubs and pools

The very first things your clients are likely to get into are hot tubs and pools during the summer season, and you should ensure that your facilities are up to the mark. The very first things you’d have to do to prepare your hot tubs and pools would be to drain them and clean them on the inside using an all-purpose or manufacturer-approved cleaning solution. You should then check for any stubborn build-up and assess if you need professional pool cleaning services. Also, check the valves, pipes, and filters for any signs of damage. If you run a heated pool for cool summer nights, be sure to install an Inverter Heat Pump to ensure a cost-effective for your pool heating needs year-round. 

2. Do an overview of the facility

As a manager, you should maintain a documented checklist of all facilities and amenities in your spa that need maintenance and the frequency of those check-ups. You should also conduct an overview of the facility and check any planters that may need replanting, any business signs that may need to be replaced, any paint touch-ups that you may have to schedule, etc. You should also add checking the chemical balance of your pools and hot tubs every week to your checklist to ensure maximum comfort for your customers. 

3. Be smart about your booking policies

Spa owners often tend to overbook to accommodate an influx of customers. Many spa owners tend to give appointments to all incoming customers to not disappoint them by turning them away. However, your fear of disappointing customers shouldn’t overshadow the possibility and risk of giving your customers bad service due to your staff being overwhelmed, and possibly losing your customers forever. 

4. Serve summertime specials for low-traffic days

If you don’t already do so, it is a great idea to introduce summertime specials, deals, and drinks for days that your spa has less traffic. Certain days in the week – especially Mondays and Tuesdays – tend to mean less traffic and fewer appointments for spas and hence a loss. To keep your spa popular on those days of the week, offer special deals and discounts that are particular to those days, and introduce happy hours to attract more traffic. 

Running a spa is a seasonal business as it gets the most customers during the summertime, and winters usually see a staggered movement of customers walking in. Hence, spa owners need to make the most of their summertime traffic, and in turn, undertake measures to ensure that they can handle the summer rush. 

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