Why Is It Important To Protect Our Skin During Lockdown


The global coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has impacted everyone’s life. From staying indoors, to working on skills and maintaining a home office people are enjoying this quality time to spend with their families. But, with this, some might have ditched their regular body and skin care regimes. While, it’s okay to take a break from your routine makeup and chemical-based hair products – the thing you absolutely shouldn’t forget is your dermal care routine. It’s one of the important sense organs of human beings and can have a serious impact on the quality of life if not taken care of properly. Besides, self-care is also a good way of keeping anxiety at bay. Further, read here why dermal care is important along with different ways to make it happen.

Consequences of poor dermis health

Dull and dry epidermis

If you don’t moisturize on regular basis, it may result in poor derma health and would even get worse if it’s cold or winter out. However, without moisturizing, your dermis would start flaking and appear dry.

Make room for fine lines and wrinkles

The dry epidermis makes fine lines more visible. Often, you notice wrinkles popping up if your face dries out.

Breakouts may arise

Skipping body care routines may result in dryness. This can make your acne worse and may prone to other issues like pimples, rashes, and itchiness.

Premature aging

When staying home, prolonged heating from indoor air may lead to dry skin– which in turn results in dead dermal cells showing premature signs of aging.

Ways to protect your dermal health


One of the best-recommended ways of relaxation is a full-fledged facial. Starting with deep cleansing, followed by other methods like scrubbing, massaging, and putting on face masks. This can be a good way to rejuvenate your derma health and relax as you continue staying indoors in lockdown.

Body scrub

This is another great option for your healthcare schedule. When you have ample time, try indulging in full-time body scrubs. It will exfoliate your epidermis, removing the dead cells from this layer. Besides, it will also improve blood circulations and nourish the dermal layer from deep within.

Call and consult your dermatologist

If you have any serious skin issues, stay in touch with your dermatologist virtually through making calls or video calling.

Drink plenty of water

No matter what your age, this rule would never get old. Drink plenty of water when staying indoors. It helps in flushing toxins from your system, reduces acne pores and leaves your skin bright and glowing as always.

Practice healthy food choices

This global pandemic has forced everyone to avoid ordering and opt for home-cooked meals. So, this is the best time to enhance your increase of immunity-boosting foods like fruits and green vegetables. Additionally, this will help you protect from all illnesses, ultimately benefitting your skin.

Final verdict

Healthy skin helps in protecting the body cells from oxidative stress. Thus, it’s very, very important to look after your derma and keep them moisturized – especially for the adults.

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