Trauma Treatment: What You Should Know About


Dental trauma is one of the severe injuries to parts of the mouth. The injury might include damage to the tooth socket, root, jaw, teeth and other parts. Trauma is the emotional response to natural disasters, accidents, and other terrible events. The person who struggles with the trauma can feel the emotions in the long term. They have difficulty processing their experiences. If you are considering trauma treatment croydon, then you should choose the best dental clinic.

Many dental care centers offer different kinds of oral treatments. So you can check the patient reviews and reputation and choose the best dental clinic. They have trained and experienced dentists to provide the best trauma treatment mooroolbark to patients. The person also has injuries soft tissue like cheeks, lips, and others. The dentists use advanced technology to identify the problem and suggest the proper treatment.

Describe dental trauma

DT is the physical injury to gums, soft tissue of mouth, bone, teeth and other parts. It is caused due to accident. Also, it is caused severe health problems if you are untreated. There are different kinds of trauma, such as acute, chronic, and complex trauma. The followings are some dental trauma categories:

  • Tooth knocked out
  • Chipped tooth
  • Tooth fractures
  • Lips lacerations
  • Jaw fracture
  • Tooth knocked loose
  • Gums lacerations
  • Tooth jammed into socket

Causes and symptoms of dental trauma

Many dental trauma issues are caused by falls, playing sports, accidents, vehicle collisions, and much more. It is also involved in violent events such as physical abuse, fighting and more. The followings are signs of dental trauma:

  • Sharp edge on the tooth
  • Difficulty to move mouth and jaw
  • The tooth is cracked, loose, or missing
  • Bleeding from lips, mouth or gums

You can consult the dentist immediately if teeth don’t fit together while closing your mouth. The dentist provides the proper treatment for dental trauma. If you are a child struggle with dental trauma, you can do the first aid immediately. First of all, you should wash the wound with water. Then, place the pressure to stop the bleeding to the injured area with the cotton. After that, you can visit the dental clinic quickly. Best dental clinic offers the emergency Trauma Treatment service.

How dental trauma is treated

When you visit the clinic, first of all, the dentist will examine the mouth. They ask how you were injured in the mouth and also asked about the symptom. You can tell the healthcare professional if you have had any surgery on the mouth. The dentist takes an X-ray to check the teeth, jaw, and bone damage in the mouth. trauma treatment croydon is based on the nature of dental trauma. Here are some methods to treat dental trauma:

  • They provide medicine to reduce the pain and prevent an infection from the DT. The patient needs tetanus shots to stop the bacteria from getting into the wound. It requires if they want to cut the gums, mouth or other parts on metal.
  • Dentist stitches for closing a wound in the mouth
  • Also, suggest surgery to repair the broken bones or teeth in the jaw

The healthcare provider will monitor the patient carefully to see if they need additional treatment.

Maroondah Dental Care offers affordable trauma treatment with the experienced dentist. They have the latest technology to create the comfortable atmosphere for their patients.

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