Some Useful Ways To Treat Blocked Drains And Sewers Cleared Fast


Often homeowners get panicked with blocked drains. Talking about blocked drains can be due to anything from scraps of food, oil, penetrating roots, and more. And things worsen when the water gets stagnant and starts emitting rotten smells. This trivial problem becomes nerve-wracking, especially when it disturbs the ambience of your home. Well, today, we will discuss some of the proven ways to get blocked drains, and sewers cleared fast.

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Blocked Drains

Put Boiled Water

If you want to go for an organic and pure method to get the blocked drains and sewers cleared faster, nothing is better than pouring boiled water. Once you put the hot water, it starts to clear off the food, detergents, and grease that majorly obstructs the path of the water. You can even mix detergent as well. Indeed pipes made of PVC are quite used to it for the additional effect.

Opt For Draining Cleaning Elements

If you want to make your drain cleaning solution, always have the mixture of vinegar and baking soda. No doubt this just works wonder on the blocked drains. It clears of clumps by breaking them down inside the PVC pipes. Other cleaners such as those made of enzymes also prove worthy.

Water At High Pressure

For getting the blocked drains and sewers cleared fast, you can also try out the hydro jets. Note that this particular process works quite well for pipes with stubborn grease. For this, you need to dial the numbers of the plumbers Adelaide, and they will fix the problem by forcing water at high pressure with the right equipment. Note that roots of trees for drains block these kinds of pressure.

Plumber’s Drain Cleaning Tool

At times, there are blockages found at the mouth of the drain, which can be treated easily with a drain snake tool. These are the most preferred draining cleaning tool of the plumbers. Talking about the equipment, it has a tipped wire at the rear part. As the tool begins to spin, it simply cuts the obstruction. Compared to the auger, this one works at its best, but yes, you need to call the plumber for sure to get the benefit.

Cctv Camera For Drain Inspection

Sometimes some pipes are in worse conditions like broken, cracked, or have tough obstruction. In such a case, having a wire with a camera set up on it and then passing that inside the pipe will be the right job to do. It will help to identify the issue more closely. And the best thing is that it will give the footage based in real-time.


At times the blockage is acute, and to treat the blocked drains and sewers cleared fast, you need to have the plumber do the work for you. Plumbers are aware that the pipes made of old clay tend to crack. They dig a certain area in and around the pipe to clear off the blockage. Then restores the damaged part and substitute that with a new pipe and fill it in.

Relining the pipe

Drainage pipes get old with time, and repairing that one is important to prevent sewers issues. To fix that, the plumbers use a kind of resin made of epoxy at an instant. These days the pipes with no digging options are quite in use. They are best because they won’t destroy the look o the whole garden.

Final say

Thus, these are important ways you can follow to treat blocked drains and sewers cleared fast. If you don’t get the desired result, you can hire a professional plumber who easily resolves the problems.


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