How Much Hours Wet Carpet Drying Will Take?


In reality, professionals’ Wet Carpet Drying will work effectively and swiftly. When it is DIY bringing a brand new look is not as easy as you think. People should follow highly effective techniques to finish the job earlier.

On the other hand, the ambiance, weather, and many factors can disrupt drying. So, it is essential to know how long each step will take.

Therefore, you have to consider several factors and take into account to estimate the approximate time. Still, you can combat those factors by exploiting the below tips.

Want to calculate the time that is taken for the drying process? Then check out the below.

Water Damage Carpet

What Are Things That Can Affect Carpet Drying?

In Wet Carpet Drying, the cleaning and drying methods play a crucial part. So let’s look over them. 

Humid Weather  

No doubt, the drying will take too long when the weather seems cloudy and rainy. This is the first factor that significantly affects the drying process. In that case, handling various drying processes only helps you to speed up the step.

Drying Methods

There are various drying methods exist; it will vary from one professional advice to another. Accordingly, the time and using cost differ, those methods are:

Dry With Fans: When you need to reduce time, use this ideal technique. Just with a normal floor fan, you can dry a carpet in around 20 minutes. Experts also suggest this to fasten the drying, so try this and get the dry carpet instantly.

Natural Drying: It is nothing but leaving the carpet to dry naturally. Maximum it will take 24 to 72 hours to complete dry without fail.

Carpet Material

The type of carpet, you have to take into count when calculating the drying time. If your carpet is made of artificial materials such as nylon and polyester, they will dry quickly. Having a carpet that is made of wool certainly will consume 24 hours to dry entirely.


The environment inside the house is the last factor that can disturb the drying. In such a situation, you should implement a step to bring it to 70 degrees Fahrenheit to make water evaporate.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Handling different cleaning methods also consumes time and delays the process.

Steam Cleaning

Among the public, the popular cleaning technique is steam cleaning, which removes debris effectively. This is a highly recommended trick to clear heavy dirt and debris that accumulated on the carpet. In this procedure, a professional uses heat vapor and pressure to eliminate grime and muck. Even without drying, this method alone takes 48 to 72 hours to complete. If you prefer speedy drying, then you try the below.

Dry Cleaning

Here, chemicals and a minimal amount of moisture play a vital role in reducing the time. With this Wet Carpet Drying, you can restore 95% to 100%. The other methods are: Bonnet and shampooing, you can go with anyone. When you are not sure, just call a professional for help to complete the job properly. But experts suggest effective methods – these two; you can continue with these if the result is important to you.

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