How Do You Differentiate Self-inking Stamps and Pre-inked Stamps?


If you are looking for the best ink stamps in Melbourne, then you should know about the difference between pre-inked and self-inking stamps. In many ways, these two stamps are different.

Before buying any stamps, it is essential for you to understand the benefits of using one type of stamp as compared to others. This post will educate you about the difference between the two types.

What are Self-inking stamps?

The self-inking stamps provide a better impression on the paper. After picking ink from the pad, these stamps flip back to give a great impression. It has been identified that these stamps follow a mechanism where the rubber die retracts up to give a better impression with every hit to the ink pad. You can find different brands and suppliers to buy self-inking stamps online.

What are the pre-inked stamps?

The pre-inked stamps come with filled ink in the rubber die. Here, you need to just press it slightly so that a better impression can be created. Usually, the ink passes through the design or the letters to create a greater impression. There are many popular brands and suppliers who provide pre-inked stamps that you can buy based on your requirements.

The difference between the Self-Inking Stamps and Pre-Inked Stamps

  • Based on the impression

The self-inking stamps do not provide more clarity but produce good images. Also, these stamps are not good for detailed graphics or logos. On the other hand, the pre-inked rubber stamps provide very clear images with crisp and clear impressions. These stamps are considered to be the best when you integrate graphics or logos in the stamp design.

  • Based on the mechanism

Usually, the self-inking stamps flip back down and flip up to create an impression on the paper, whereas the pre-inked rubber stamps look to pass the ink through the designs or the letters to create an impression on a document with a single press.

  • Based on the adjustable date

When you buy self inking stamps online, you are able to adjust the date. But, you can get a factory-made adjustable date with the pre-inked stamps.

  • Based on the ink

In general, the self-inking stamps use water-based ink. On the other hand, the pre-inked stamps use oil-based ink, which is known to be more expensive as compared to water-based ink. These oil-based inks are good at providing impressions as it dries very fast within 5 seconds.

  • Based on the versatility

The self-inking stamps have many limitations, whereas the pre-inked stamps are considered to be versatile. The pre-inked stamps can be used on your photo as well as on any image or font style.

  • Based on the size

If looking into the sizes of stamps, the self-inking comes a little bigger, and pre-inked stamps come smaller. However, the pre-inked stamp can be best when you consider the portability and size.

  • Based on the price

As compared to self-inking stamps, the pre-inked stamps are quite expensive. This is because it requires costly ink that lasts for a longer time. However, if you are looking for ink stamps in Melbourne, then going with self-inked stamps will be less costly, and also you can replace ink pads.

Apart from these, you can also differentiate based on the longevity, where pre-inked stamps can give 50,000 impressions which is more than the self-inked stamps. Moreover, considering all the above points can help to make the right decision for your stamp needs.

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