Car Servicing: a Complete Guide


Getting your car serviced is one of the important things you must do in order to keep it in perfect condition. But most people don’t understand what exactly happens during a car service. Here we will cover everything that happens during a car service in Camberwell. It will help you to know what you should expect during the servicing.

What is a car service?

Car service is when a car owner takes his/her car to a garage or service centre for a regular checkup. Here, the mechanic looks at the car’s performance and checks all the parts like oil, brakes, and belt. During the service, the professionals repair the damage so that your car can perform up to its full potential. They spot the issue and fix it before it causes a breakdown. Regular serving will increase the lifespan of the car and the resell value as well.

How often should you take your car for service?

The modern cars come with a service indicator that will remind you of the service date. At the exact time, you need to read the user manual in the case of other cars. Different cars have different service dates, but it would be beneficial if you go to car service in Camberwell after 10,00o miles. The interim service should be done every 6,000 miles, the full service should be done in 12,000 miles, and the major service in 24,000 miles.

What is included in a car service?

Different garages or service centres offer various types of services. But in most of the garages, you will get full service that involves checking every part of your car. It also involves manual checks and things like brakes, gearbox, and other parts. The car service in Camberwell offers to check engine oil, filter, brakes, steering, suspension, car battery, steering, coolant, and fluid level.

The service centre will replace the waste fluids and worn car parts during the service. The changes and replacement of the car parts depend on the type of service you take.

What are the different types of service?

Interim car service

As we have mentioned above, the interim car service is done every-6 months or 6,000 miles. Here the professionals check the brakes, lights, steering, fluid levels, and suspension. It also includes oil changes, inspecting drive belts, and oil filter replacement.

Full car service

This is done after 12,000 miles driven, and it includes everything that is interim and also additional changes and checkups. It includes more than 80 checkups of your car. It includes:

  • Replacing filter replacement
  • Air cleaner replacement
  • Brake inspection
  • Wheels checkup
  • Vacuum hose inspection

Major car service

This is the full car service and some additional services. It is done after 24,000 miles of running. Here the services included are:

  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Battery testing
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Allergy filter replacement
  • Automatic transmission
  • Handbrake inspection
  • Wipers replacement
  • Shoes

How long does the car service take?

The interim service takes less than ½ hours, and it includes fewer checks: a full-service takes longer than 3 hours. You can wait during the service or drop off your car and pick it up when it is done.


It is very important to make sure your car is properly maintained so that you can avoid any type of accidents and problems in the future. Make sure you choose the right garage or service centre to get satisfactory service. Check the reviews or ratings before choosing the garage.

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