Best Wall Tiles For Living Room


Yes, the living room is the area of the home which is the best representation of one’s personality and lifestyle. It’s a place where friends, guests, and other relatives are welcomed for social occasions and gatherings. Thus, the choice of tiles for the living room is very important. Equally, it’s the best way to infuse pattern, color, and oodles of style into the décor of the living room. So, you need to concentrate on the consistent and strategic choice of elements and decide the best which dictates the mood of the room. Thanks to the extraordinary range of tiles in the market! Ranging from captivating graphics and colors to minimalist linear options to hold and exalt your furnishing items, promoting an elegant look to your living area. Readout to know more.

Ceramic tiles

These tiles are maintenance-free, thus making them an ideal choice for your living room. They are available in different combinations and are much colder options than wood.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain can be used in most varied design choices for your living room. You can prefer taking captivating designs or those inspired by natural materials along with inspiring colors, graphics, and designs. However, the proposals alter from wood look porcelain tile collections to stoneware, concrete, marble, and metal-look blocks. All available in matt, polished finishes, a wide range of colors and sizes.

Limestone tiles

Limestone effect tiles are warm, pearl stone that imbues your living room with natural character and with a hint of romance. The gorgeous enamel present in them spread light in all directions, exploiting each ray of sunshine in the dark midwinter season.

Warm and cozy oak wood effect tiles

If your home is blessed with high ceilings, you can go for these uber-chic tiles. They look spectacular in the living rooms and retain the warmth and coziness of the natural flooring. Equally, available in a different range of styles, colors, and sizes. In short, the effect is simply stunning.

Encaustic tiles

In recent times, more adventurous homeowners are attracted to installing theses encaustic. These are stunning loaded with vibrancy, design, texture, tone, diversity, tone, and color. Their versatility ranges from fun to sophistication, rustic to urban for proprietors to deliver a modern living area.

Tips for choosing the right kind of tiles

  • Choose large tiles for your living room and smaller ones for the bedrooms and guest rooms. You can pick anything from ceramic to natural stones. But porcelain is the most preferred choice available today.
  • Try choosing the bright-colored tiles. Also, make sure, they offer a non-skid matte finish and a good grip to the buyers. For your walls, you can anything from glossy or satin-textured tiles and they are easy to clean and maintain as well.
  • Use basic colors like white as it’s good to reduce the room temperature.
  • Picture the area of tiles to be installed. In the same way, calculate the amount of the tiles required. Also, don’t forget to get an additional number of tiles. It’s a good idea in case if any tile damages occur.

Summing up

Tiles are an aesthetic way to add personality and style to all walls of your house. However, with the right play of color, texture and design you can customize your room with unique taste and energy for a healthy lifestyle.

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