5 Women Leading the Indian Art Scene


Being a good and grateful person is quite a tedious task. Having an interest in painting
or art? It’s an enthusiastic task that makes you feel pleasant and satisfied. As per the record,
women play a paramount role in this field and they have done plenty of record-breaking
achievements even at their smaller age. As of now, there are lots and lots of people have shown
interest in art inspired by the traditional paintings that are displayed over the museums.
Experienced in knowing about the leading women artists? It’s quite amazing and proud to have
such talented people were living in the past decades. Here are the lists of few women artists who
have made a history for them.

1. Amrita Sher-Gil

No more artists are here without knowing the history and amazing did by the amrita sher-gil. She
is the most celebrated artist who is proud and popularly called India’s Frida Kahlo. She brings
the reality and real emotions in her art that let you be confused whether it is a painting or
photograph. She completed her initial training in Paris and made her skills and talents observed.

2. Nasreen Mohamedi

Believe it? The painting will not let you see anywhere at the first look. It is possible at Nasreen
Mohamedi’s art. This is going to accept that she is a don of Indian Abstract art who created
hundreds of artists with her encouragement and training. She has been worked for a maximum of
3 decades but her arts are telling her name till now. She introduced her name with beautiful and
attractive arts that never be bored and dull.

3. Pooja Sood

Do you know who she is? The well-known and independent art management consultant is
appreciated by everyone. With her wide experience and creativity level, dealing with multiple art
practices. She had a good reputation over national and global art experimentation. Her skills will
stay away from a range of artists and it needs to be appreciated and proud to have such a creative
mind woman in India.

4. Meera Mukherjee

She is unique and awesome in her own way. She gets inspired by the folk art of Bastar metal
casting and dhokra and wishes to learn those things with her wide skills and interest. She spends
lots and lots of years in a village to observe and learn the things included in traditional folk art.
Later, she started to express her unique imagery and patterns that are stunning and attractive.

5. Arpita Singh

The most special and remarkable artists in India are Arpita Singh who would be a great example
for every woman. Her paintings have the power of expressing real emotions and feelings that
have been seen in real life. It looks great and aesthetic, which incorporates the culture scene and
activities of Indians in an amazing way.

Make use of the aforementioned lines that would help you to understand the things done by
women as an artist. Her paintings and creativity have still spoken about her and make the people

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