5 reasons your home should have a solar water heater


Of course, heating water is very expensive as it involves a huge amount of energy. Many studies prove that around 18% of domestic energy is used to heat water. And in most homes and factories this energy is generated using fossil fuels like gas and oil. Besides, many people heat water using electricity which is another expensive method of heating water. Thus, there’s a need to implement some effective resources to save energy. However, the solar water heater is one popular method to reduce energy, rather than relying on fossil fuels. This system is a clean, green source of energy to reduce carbon footprint, delivering high volumes of hot water. Further, check why solar energy is safe for your homes.

Solar water heater 

Solar energy is a free and abundant source of energy. It uses storage tanks and solar collectors and produces enough water to fulfill most of your domestic hot water needs. In the same way, solar power uses the sun which is safe, environment friendly, and doesn’t release any greenhouse gases.

Things to consider when choosing a solar heater

  • Your location and the amount of sunshine received
  • Amount of water used for your daily needs
  • The expenditure of energy and alternative fuels in your area
  • Availability of finance and other major incentives

Benefits of solar water heater

Solar power causes less electricity loss

Electricity needs to be transported from big plants to end consumers via huge networks. Besides, long-distance transmissions equal power losses. Thus, solar panels are a good source that uses energy from the sun. Rooftop cosmic power is beneficial in enhancing electricity efficiency and you are in control of your debts and electricity usage.

Durable in nature

Unlike other basic resources, solar water heaters incur low maintenance costs. That too with fewer moving parts the installation lasts longer, withstanding high winds and extreme weather conditions. Besides, they come with extended warranties guaranteed by the original installer, covering serious damage of the panels.

Involves low operating costs

Features low operating costs! As once you get past the initial installation costs, there are very few other additional costs involved. However, the water system utilizes the sun’s energy, which will always remain free.

Protects air quality

Many homes use electricity to heat their water. And about one-third of the electric power comes from burning coal which generates carbon and related by-products. This in turn contributes to many negative environmental and health effects. Thus, when you use solar power you become a part of the solution for all these health troubles.

Monthly savings

A solar water heater can provide about 80% of your hot water needs, even in temperature climates. This results in major utility bill savings, month after month. In short, deciding to go solar is very much similar to deciding to purchase a home.

Summarizing up

Solar energy is provided by the sun and is a free source of energy. However, with a solar heating system, you are guaranteed hot water throughout the year and is best at cutting down your utility bills.

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