5 Casual Dresses Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe


Every woman owns a special collection of casual dresses in her wardrobe. Choosing the essentials for every upcoming occasion is the trick to a dress collection that will do you right. As you know, there is an everlasting relationship between women and dresses and it goes a way back. Though the selection of dresses varies according to the fashion of ages, it is always the number one pick when you wish to charm the man of your dreams. Whether you are a minimalist or just want an easy starter pack, finding pieces that are classic and timeless are the key to the essential dress collection. Below given are the top 5 trendy stuff every woman should have in her wardrobe.

  1. The Sleek Slip dress

Say bye to satin-clad slip dresses and choose the most comfortable sleep slip dress to stay for good! You may have heard the popular belief that slip dresses are not meant for regular days but are just evening attire. The thing that makes them a winner in your eyes is the fact that they are also meant for regular days when you don’t have a lot going on. Don’t shy away from flaunting this smart yet sensual dress on multiple occasions whether you are ready to take over grocery shopping, a trip to the coffee shop, or even a casual meeting with your dear one.

  1. The Peppy Pinafore Dress

These pinafores are definitely meant for cool girls as it gives a funky back-to-school look. Pinafores are also known as a jumper and they are a favorite among the best fashion bloggers. Pinafores are said to have a lot of history behind them and this type of dress doesn’t have sleeves.

  1. Maxi Dress

A maxi length dress is a perfect fit for days when you wanted to be a little more dressed up. You got options for what shoes to pair with them as they are long and flowy. You can choose to wear them all year long as there are long and you can switch it up with booties or wear them with sandals and a Panama hat in the summer!

  1. Show Stopper Dress

A show stopper is a dress that you want to totally drop your jaws with. You are sure to reach this when you need something bold and head-turning. The purpose of wearing a show stopper varies according to the person, for some it could be a bodycon dress, for others it could be a skater dress or a shift dress.


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  1. Off-shoulder dress

No wonder that an off-shoulder dress has become a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. An off-shoulder dress which is also known as Bardot dress is fit for any season. Flaunt those beautiful shoulders and clavicle of yours by wearing it all year long!

Bottom lines

For girls, whatever the occasion is, dress to impress is on the top of their list. But, make sure you have these casual ones in your closet as dressier dresses are picked less often.

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